frequently asked questions

It is best practice to wait 3 days before washing your vehicle after PPF is applied. We do not recommend an automatic car wash due to the plastic brushes that may lift edges of the PPF. Instead, we recommend hand washing your vehicle.

Some waxes will add a level of gloss to matte PPF. However, there are waxes on the market specifically for matte finishes.

Ceramic coatings are approved for use with our PPF when applied over the surface of the product. Ceramic coatings create an additional barrier for solvent and water penetration while not negatively impacting the performance or self-healing of our PPF. This application will not void your warranty.

SunTek PPF is designed and warrantied when applied to original paint only. Issues with aftermarket/repaired paint are not warranted by SunTek. If you choose to still have SunTek PPF applied over fresh paint, the common waiting period is 30 days for the paint to outgas.

We use Feynlab Wheel & Caliper to coat the wheels and brake calipers on your ride. Please provide any lug nut locks when you drop your ride off with us.

Suntek PPF can be applied to headlights/foglights to prevent damage from road debris. Protect your ride from costly repairs and long lead times to replace damaged headlights/foglights.

At Peerless Auto Salon we have a digital plotter and a continually updated database with most vehicles made to cut properly sized Window Tint & PPF patterns. For those vehicles not in the database, we make custom cuts from bulk material.

Suntek's CeramicIR (CIR) window tint does not contain dye, metal, or carbon. Instead, it contains ceramic particles that are nonconductive and nonmetallic to reject the most heat yet prevent electronic interference.

Unless you live in an environment with harsh winters and road salt, most vehicles should be detailed roughly every six months for ultimate protection.

Our coatings, PPF, and window tint have warranties against manufacturer defects. At the time of pick-up, we provide guidance on care for your freshly detailed vehicle. If you have a warranty question please call us.

We do not offer mobile services. Our 2400SF temperature controlled facility is the optimum environment for the services we offer to our clients on their vehicles.

Yes. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation on your vehicle.