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trusted by our clients since 2016.

Here at Peerless Auto Salon our main objective is to provide our customers with the highest quality work and customer service. We book accordingly to insure that each and every customer becomes our top priority and where their satisfaction is paramount.

To achieve next level craftsmanship, we work with accredited academies and companies such as Rupes Academy, Suntek Films, and Feynlab Coatings among others respectively. Peerless Auto Salon staff attend annual courses to keep updated with the latest cutting-edge technology this industry has to offer. Ultimately, we pass this knowledge on to our customers.

About us: Our love and appreciation for cars is where our interest in detailing began. Owning muscle cars and hitting the car show scene. Like many others, we too participated in improper car care maintenance through lack of knowledge. This became the driving force to seek better methods and understanding. Watching countless videos and doing research to further improve and become more educated in the field. Obtaining enough knowledge to take the hobby into professional detailing in 2016. Through the years, new innovative products would surface changing the detail landscape forever.

Being a true student of the game, I always look forward to further my education through the actual inventors of these products. Understanding that learning theory to apply to practice makes all the difference in the overall outcome. In order to give the public what we believe is truly one-of-a kind experience, we formed Peerless Auto Salon, LLC in December 2022. Our vision was to give our customers an unmatched sense of integrity, quality of craftsmanship, and appreciation. It is in this regard that there was no better name to call our vision than Peerless!

Kenny Billiot - Owner
Certified Feynlab Installer
Certified Rupes Academy
Certified Suntek PPF & Tint Installer
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If you are looking for a professional and detail-driven expert to take care of your vehicle, I highly recommend Kenny at Peerless Auto Salon. His dedication, expertise, and exemplary service set him apart from the rest. Thank you Kenny, for your outstanding work! I look forward to returning to Peerless Auto Salon in the future.

B. Hollis

Landrover Defender 130

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Peerless is the best in the business. Their attention to detail on my vehicles is always above and beyond. I'm extremely grateful for them!

R. Kase

Multiple Vehicles

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Brought in our 2022 Tundra. Truck looks amazing! Got compliments within hours of leaving Peerless. We will definitely recommend to friends & family. Great customer service.

D. Olano

Toyota Tundra

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You can't go wrong with Peerless Auto Salon. Attention to detail is on point. Highly recommend!

P. Washko

Multiple Vehicles